Offering a well-defined method...

Conceptualize. Harmonize. Capitalize.




I have experience as an Operational Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, and Revenue Cycle Supervisor, as well as Capital Market training through Graduate school educations. A total of 15 years of professional experience include active-duty U.S. military tenure and mid-level management positions through for-profit sectors within large corporate firms such as NYSC, Centex Homes, AGFA, and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. 

  • Business Plans

  • Grant Proposals

  • Feasibility Studies

  • ​Market Researches

  • ​Industry Analyses

  • ​Financial Projections

  • Business & Residential Solutions

  • eCommerce Solutions


I help nascent Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners bring their conceptual ideas to market and increase ROI by having an effective and well-thought out business planning. At times, businesses reach monetization stage and repeated year-over-year profitability without an established plan. Although, good but operating an enterprise without a well-defined method is not acting best on behalf of the business itself; an un-foreseen, operational stall may present itself, slowing momentum and possibly erode revenue.