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An alum of Teaneck High School ('91), MCRD Parris Island ('94), Felician College ('01), and Fairleigh Dickinson University ('06), with an M.B.A. An avid runner and proud supporter of all U.S. Veteran-related initiatives.

Trust is a big deal, especially when it comes to entrepreneurial venture, business planning and its continuing services. My agency is founded and operated under a set of core values and ethically charged beliefs. Know that we have your best interests at heart, ensuring that concepts and ideas are intelligently explored and illustrated, into accurate and actionable information so that pitfalls are avoided and profitability is reached. Everything we do is so you can make informed decisions about your enterprise's future. We are here to earn your trust and build a lasting relationship.


To make a difference, we do this through HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and ACTIONABLE-INFORMATION with SPEED.

Angel B. Chanliongco, MBA

Owner │ Business Planner


Preventing the occurrence of a disruptive stall is how our team at YourStrategicApproach,LLC can help. My agency has a wealth of experience, as well as the resources to make sure that ideas and concepts grow in the manner needed and wanted.

The ultimate goal is to ensure a solid footing for ideas; however, navigating the landscape can be challenging. It takes a great deal of analytical sense and patience when it comes to business planning. Thinking long-term while strategic are bound to be far better off. My company is well-suited to facilitate others reach goals in today's ever changing and sharing information economy. Affiliation are extended only to other service providers who support our business model and uphold a strong moral compass and meeting the rigors of formal trainings, as well as governmental requirements. To me, transparency is paramount.

Let’s face it, increasing revenue is hard-earned. And the same goes to cost-cutting. We pride to continually pursue the lowest operating costs as much as possible. The main reason why our team has opted to conduct business online, is to cut-cost and secure savings which in-turn look to transfer to our paying clients and goodwill initiatives while providing excellent service with high level of legality, ethics and un-wavering moral fabric.

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