It pays to have sound and accurate business advice. The right combination of experience and talent is imperative. My agency has military and corporate backgrounds, university trained, and ready to help harmonize your ideas and concepts. Meaningful, concise, succinct, actionable-information is within reach, helping to realize both short and long-term enterprise goals.

Business Plans


Creating the right introductory plan takes research, an understanding of markets, and risk tolerance. My agency provides the right mix of experience and accurate research methodologies creating a tailor-fit, strategic road path from concept to actual roll-out of your products and/or services.

​Grant Proposals


My agency is well-suited for taking care of your proposal needs. Ensuring your obstacles are placed in-front of those who matter. Varying sources such as: Governments, Foundations, Educational, R&D, and Healthcare grant proposals require different approaches. We are capable to facilitate these specific needs. 

​eCommerce Solutions


The retail industry is fast approaching maturity point. Consumer spending behavior reflects this developing trend and increasing number of entrepreneurs are leveraging new developments coupled with old business models; effectively expanding into new markets far beyond a brick-and-mortar enterprise’s reach. Shopping online has experienced exponential growth in the last decade alone and poised to become a bigger contributor to the total shopping dollars according to census data. My agency has steep understanding of this market and provides profound guidance.

Financial Projections


Having a roadmap for "break-even" point and eventual profitability includes a financial plan. My agency as planners are available to help build a strategy so you can enjoy the luxury of being able to see ahead once a decision is made to launch from an idea to an existing venture.

​Market Researches


It is a process used by forthcoming entrepreneurs and established business alike to gather and evaluate useful information about the intended market their enterprise will function in. My agency is keen for developing effective, as well as up-to-date researches, considering the inherent advantages and dis-advantages of a proposed decision; ultimately determining either the beginning or successive paths of your enterprise.

​Industry Analyses


For a nascent entrepreneur or even an enterprise with historical background, entering a new industry can bring forth huge benefits or it can simply corrode momentum. For most entrepreneurs, gaining drive is expensive in terms of time and effort, as well as available funding. My agency's excellent industry analysis can provide to reach the former and avoid the latter. Simply, it will provide an indication of the competitive temperament a particular industry is to new product, or service, or a new business altogether.

Feasibility Studies

Do you have a great idea for a new product or service? Possibly a hobby or skills and perhaps a combination of both learned in previous capacities that could potentially create additional income streams and you've been thinking about spinning into a business.


Or just maybe your current function at-work has required the overseeing of the development of new capital intensive projects, but un-sure how to begin the decision-making process. Committing capital into a negative project can only increase expenses and opportunity costs.


In all of these cases, my agency's feasibility studies will be advantageous. Put more simply, the study is a process during which to test an idea's overall viability; whether to pursue or completely close a planned project, avoiding erosion of CAPEX.

Business & Residential Solutions

Upon formation of an enterprise, it is also important to invest in its continuity and contribute constantly to its growth. Keeping on-going services and variable expenses at minimum are important matters and owners who understand it, know very well how to constantly lower cost. My agency has affiliation with highly recognized providers.

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